We're on hiatus.

Pace Match started in 2016 as a passion project when I was looking for other people that ran my trails at my exact pace. After publishing Pace Match on this domain, tens of thousands of other athletes from around the world signed up and were matched with running and cycling athletes. At the end of 2016 Pace Match won first place at the Strava's first Developer Challenge and later became a finalist at Girls In Tech's and Camber Outdoors's pitch competitions.

Early in 2018, Strava implemented new features to their API to help us all keep our data more private. For Pace Match, this meant that we were no longer able to display data from unauthenticated athletes. We support the changes, but because it significantly limited the number of matches we were able to show you we decided to take a hiatus.

A million thanks to Strava for being such a loving team and great partner. Thank you for looking out and keeping our data safe! Big hugs to the community who contributed to this project by writing lines of code, giving feedback, reporting bugs, and staying engaged; it has been a blast. Thank you so much for joining us on the journey, and for your support over the last years.

Fist bump,

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